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Introducing the Basadur Profile for business from CCI Innovate.

Unlock the secrets to innovative problem solving!

  • The Basadur Profile from CCI Innovate is a tool designed to help an individual, team or workgroup use self-awareness, empathy and insight to solve problems and work together, better.
  • All of us have creative potential, the challenge is making sure that we can express our creativity and it starts by learning how we think!
  • The Basadur Profile from CCI Innovate is a scientifically validated tool that has helped over 600 leading organizations and over 150,000 individuals understand their thinking style.

Take the Profile now and start impacting your company, career, and your life!

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What is the Basadur Profile?

Everyone approaches problem solving differently.

Our Profile helps you identify which of the four key problem solving styles you prefer:

‘I want to get things done’
Implementers do what is necessary to get the job done.
‘I like to get things started’
Generators love finding new problems and opportunities to work on.
‘I enjoy turning ideas into a practical solutions.’
Optimizers like to refine and evaluate ideas, turning abstract notions into practical plans.
‘I enjoy taking time to really define the problem’
Conceptualisers like to define a problem and put together ideas and solutions.
Understand diverse thinking

Each style of problem solving is vital to the innovation process. However, differences in approach can create friction in teams and frustration in individuals.

Use insight to work better

That’s why we created the Profile. By gaining insight into yourself and others you can understand, appreciate and harness this diversity in thinking to collaborate and innovate more effectively.

Foster creativity and collaboration

The Basadur Profile is not a personality test that divides people into fixed categories. It is a tool to help individuals, teams and organisations understand how to increase creativity and innovation in a supportive environment.

Your Thinking Style?

Check your Profile report to know your unique thinking style!

Our Basadur Profile is available in multiple languages including: Arabic, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Danish, English, Finnish, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil and Portugal), Russian, and Spanish.

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What can you expect?


Once you have completed the Basadur Profile you will receive a report to help you better understand your unique thinking style, plus ...

  • An understanding of your current approach to problem-solving.
  • Information about an 8-step system of thinking you can use immediately.
  • Learn to work with your Profile to optimise your performance and enjoy your work.
  • An appreciation of different problem solving styles.
  • The know-how to build a productive team or workgroup.

Our Pricing Packages

Take the Profile and get your report instantly!

Start seeing new ways to solve problems and increase your ability to innovate!

Your profile includes:
  • Your current approach to problem solving.
  • How you tend to acquire & use knowledge.
  • How balanced or specialized you are as a thinker.
  • Relevant comparisons to other students as well as those in your chosen career or field.
  • Information on an eight-step system of thinking you can immediately use.
  • And your style history if you have taken the Basadur Profile before.

$25.00 USD

Start Individual dots
Have your workgroup take the Profile to help ensure a successful project!

Discover and appreciate the thinking styles of each team member.

Your Workgroup Profile includes all the features and benefits of the Individual Profile plus:
  • An appreciation of different problem solving styles for each team member to build a better team.
  • An Administrator Account for your team or workgroup with access to real-time team scatter diagram results.
  • A summary report showing each individuals thinking style related to the team.
  • Instant results upon completion of the Profile by each team member.

$25.00 USD each profile
Volume Pricing

Start Workgroup
Product Price
Workgroup: 1-49 profiles $25.00 USD
Workgroup: 50-99 profiles $20.00 USD
Workgroup: 100+ profiles $15.00 USD
All prices are in US Dollars.