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At CCI Innovate our single focus is to help organizations, academic institutions and students around the world unlock their innovation and creativity! Our Basadur Profile has been developed by Dr. Min Basadur over the course of 40 years to deliver more meaningful insights than personality tests.

Dr. Min Basadur

Dr. Min Basadur is Professor Emeritus of Innovation in the Michael G. DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University and Founder of Basadur Applied Creativity. Dr. Basadur is a recognized world leader in the field of applied creativity and specializes in innovation and problem solving and is the author of several books on the subject.
His years of experience building creative thinking, innovation and problem solving capabilities across organizations has helped numerous industry leaders and academic institutions, including Procter & Gamble, Frito-Lay, PepsiCo, Goodrich, Ball State University, McMaster University, Pepperdine University and Pfizer increase employee engagement and effectiveness to improve costs and generate increased revenues.

Bob Basadur

His work is noted for its applicability and scalability within organizations and within educational institutions. Dr. Basadur is the author of several books on creativity, innovation and effective problem solving, The Power of Innovation and Simplexity Thinking: A Flight to Creativity. Dr. Basadur has been instrumental in developing the Basadur Profile as a powerful tool for organizations and academic institutions both within North America and around the world.
Dr. Basadur is the creative genius behind the Profile which is helping institutions, students and organizations learn more about themselves and as a result build better teams and enhance their problem solving abilities.

Ted Hodge

Ted Hodge

Ted is the CEO and Founder of CCI Resources/CCI Research Inc. Since 1989 his company CCI Research Inc. has conducted millions of surveys with students, academic institutions and organizations in partnership with educational institutions and governments. The results of these comprehensive studies has provided valuable insights into the health, satisfaction, and engagement of students and individuals within organizations.

"I was so impressed with the Basadur Profile and its innovative 8 step problem solving process that I was determined to offer the benefits of this tool to as many individuals and organizations as possible. Applying the concepts and results from this tool makes so much sense in todays business climate where we continuously immersed in situations that require creative and innovative thinking. The Profile is fast and easy to complete and provides you with instant and clear results. The Profile leads to an understanding of a simple but powerful problem solving system and helps you appreciate the roles of different types of thinkers in group situations. There is a huge benefit for managers, human resource departments, work teams, parents, teachers, guidance counsellors and individuals to learn this system, not specific knowledge, but how to innovatively and creatively identify problems and solutions. CCI Innovate is pleased to be able to offer this Profile to you and we hope this tool helps you become more successful in a competitive and a fast-paced knowledge-based economy."